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About Bella Lynn Fizzies

Welcome to Bella Lynn Fizzies! 

Since I was sixteen I have always worked in retail. After having my daughter, Bella, who was born with congenital heart defects, and becoming a stay at home mom, I found myself needing time to relax and recharge. Taking a nice hot bath gave me that time I needed. I love bath bombs but was finding that most of them made my skin feel dry and itchy. Plus, they either dyed my skin or the tub, making my relaxation time...less relaxing. I've always been a creative person and knew I could find a way to make the same great smelling bath bombs without the harsh chemicals and staining coloring.

That is why I created Bella Lynn Fizzies. All of my products are handmade with gentle ingredients and colorant that will not dye your skin or bathtub! 

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